About Baška

*Baška – the Baška area is located in the southeast of the island of Krk, in a beautiful bay surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, vineyards and olive groves. *In the front of Baška valley we remain caught by breathtaking nature, mountains, sea and Velebit. *Besides largest and most beautiful pebble beaches on the Adriatic, long in the semicircle more than 1800 m, Baška is popular destination for all nature lovers and those who like to explore culture and history in the stone streets of the old core of characteristic architecture rich in numerous cultural and historical monuments. Area abounds in numerous pedestrian and cycling trails.

*Thanks to director  of “Narodne politike” Emil Geistlich, great friend of the Baška who shared beauty of this place, people of Baška honored him with beach monument.

*Baška has the characteristics of a mild Mediterranean climate, pleasant spring, warm summers with minimal rainfalls, mild autumn and windy winters. Naturally fine sand allows non-swimmers and children to enjoy the beach because the depth of the sea is gradually increasing.

*Right here, around 1100 BC the Baška tablet was created, one of the first monuments containing an inscription in the Croatian recension of the Church Slavonic language.

Today it’s replica can be seen in church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor.

*The island of Krk shares the title of the largest island with the neighboring Cres island, both of which are 405.78 km2. The island of Krk is surrounded by a crystal clear sea, and especially attractive are beaches and pristine nature. As a confirmation of this, the island of Krk is also the island of the Blue Flag, and is very well connected to the mainland.

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